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  • Polymer Clay Pin/Earing(Rainbow Spiral Color Gradation)

    “Rainbow Spiral Color Gradation”
    Style # SP-1
    Pin (below):

    1″ Diameter- $18.00;
    1 1/4″ Diameter- $20.00;
    1 1/2″ Diameter – $22.00;
    1 3/4″ Diameter – $24.00

  • Polymer Clay Rainbow Beads Bracelet


    “Rainbow Beads” Style # RS-1
    Bracelet with
    13 Beads w/ small black spacers – $52.00
    15 Beads (Pictured Here) – $60.00

    Bracelet is strung on elastic cord.

  • Polymer Clay Rainbow Beads Necklace


    “Rainbow Beads” Style # RS-1

    Available with 11 beads,$91.00
    13 beads, $93
    or 15 Beads, $95
    26″,28″ (shown) or 30″

  • Rainbow Heart Pins

    Rainbow Heart Pins!


    Large Wide Hearts are 2 3/16″w x 2″h – $24

    Large Long Hearts are 1 3/4″w x 2 5/16″h – $24

    Small Hearts are 1 3/8″w x 1 1/8″h – $18

    Rainbow Heart Pins

    Each pin is a unique creation. They are available in 3 sizes as shown:

    Large Wide (2 3/16″w x 2″h) – $24
    Large Long (1 3/4″w x 2 5/16″h) – $24
    Small Hearts (1 3/8″w x 1 1/8″h) – $18

    All sizes available in any of 5 background colors

    glitter red
    light magenta
    dark magenta
    deep purple

    Add $4.00 for shipping and handling.

    E-mail me and I will send you .jpegs of actual pins in stock, so you can choose the one(s) you like best!

  • Scarves


    The scarves show on this page are handwoven of a warm, sturdy, buttery soft, luminous, colorful rayon chenille yarn. They are approximately 8.25″ wide and 64″ long, plus a 2 1/2″ fringe at each end, and are $98 each.
    These scarves can easily be handwoven longer or shorter, with the price adjusted accordingly.
    Not shown here, I also handweave scarves of my own hand painted and hand dyed silk yarns.
    Contact me if interested.
    I design and prepare all warps myself.  Next, I weave the scarves myself, in my small home studio, on my 36″ four-harness floor loom or my 45″ eight harness floor loom (This is the one I’m using in the picture on my home page.)  Finally, I knot or cord the fringe and finish all pieces myself.