Dotty’s Herbal Pillows



Herbal folklore claims that certain herbs stuffed into a small sack and placed under the pillow can affect dreams or sleep. These “Dream Pillows” and “Charm Pillows”are woven of naturally dyed wool, some of it handspun, and fine Irish linen. Scents will last at least a year. Specify pinks/magentas, oranges, purples, or browns (not pictured.) Approximately 4” x 6”-8” – $25 plus sales tax (California Residents) and $6/packaging/shipping.

DREAM PILLOW #1 – INCREDIBLE DREAMS/REMEMBER DREAMS Stuffed with mugwort, said to “give incredible dreams” and to “help remember dreams in detail.”

DREAM PILLOW #3 – SLEEP WELL/EASE MELANCHOLY Stuffed with rose petals, mint, and cloves, said to “aid in sleeping” and “ease melancholy.”

DREAM PILLOW #4 – SLEEP WELL/REKINDLE ENERGY Stuffed with rose petals, mint, rosemary, and cloves, said to “aid in sleeping, keep away evil spirits, and rekindle energy during the night.”

DREAM PILLOW #13 – STOP NIGHTMARES Stuffed with anise, said to “stop nightmares, and let you rest and sleep well.”

CHARM PILLOW #9 – KNOWLEDGE AND WRITING Stuffed with lavender, dill, fennel, caraway, and marjoram, said to “aid in acquiring knowledge, writing, opening closed doors, obtaining answers regarding the future, and gaining the impossible.”

CHARM PILLOW #10 – PROTECTION, MATERIAL GAIN, AND POWER OVER ONE’S LIFE Stuffed with anise, hyssop, mint, sage, myrrh, and nutmeg, said to be a “powerful protector,” aid in obtaining “honor, glory, and courage,” and help “draw material gain and power over one’s life.”

CHARM PILLOW #11 – POSITIVE RELATIONAHIPS, LOVE AFFAIRS AND CREATIVITY Stuffed with angelica, burdock, cloves, elder, coltsfoot, mint, pennyroyal, rose, thyme, yarrow, and verbena, said to “aid in gaining positive relationships, love affairs, creativity, and admiration of friends and strangers.”

CHARM PILLOW #12 – BUSINESS SUCCESS/GUARDING THE HOME Stuffed with flax seed and thyme, said to aid in “gaining success in business, guarding the home and possessions, and making others respect you and stay out of your way.”

CATNIP PILLOW – FOR YOUR FAVORITE FELINE This Catnip Pillow is handwoven of wool and fine Irish linen, stuffed with catnip, to delight your favorite feline with hours of stimulation for fun and play. Available in combinations of white, browns, and blacks.) $25 plus sales tax (California Residents) and $6 /packaging/shipping.

Free shipping on orders of three or more pillows.